CCIC France is mainly engaged in commodities inspection, surveys, certification and other relative services to promote Trade Convenience , and also for quality improvement and trade development related to importing and exporting commodities. CCIC France has been recognized by Chinese competent authorities for pre-shipment inspection of recycling materials and used machineries from France 、 Italy 、Switzerland and Greece and also from other countries exporting to china which has 17 employees and is composed of 4 departments which are office, recycling material inspection, machinery/equipment inspection and certificate service , respectively responsible for the administrative, financial and management, recycling materials inspection, used machinery/ equipment inspection survey , certification and market development, etc.

CCIC France is a wholly owned subsidiary in France of China Certification & Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called CCIC). Its history can be traced back to May 1992, when branch office was founded by CCIC Bremen GmbH .In September 2004,approved by The China National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee(CNCA) it was restructured as a wholly owned subsidiary of CCIC and completed the registration as CCIC France in Marseille Commercial Court on 10th September, 2004. CCIC France is an independent Third-party inspection body with independent legal status, which obtained ISO / IEC17020 accreditation certificate issued by The China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment on 26th July 2006.

CCIC France is an independent third-party inspection body , not engaging in any business activities which may result in conflicting with independent judgment to inspection, the issues’ fairness and inspectors’ honesty , but providing good quality inspection services for concerned companies, enterprises and organizations. CCIC Marseille consistently adheres to the purpose of « honest inspection, accurate data, fair results, convenience and efficiency », expands inspection business and market share,has won the trust from lots of customers and has enjoyed a good reputation in the fields.

Over the past years, CCIC France, relying on a global inspection and certification network system established by CCIC, basing on the business in France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland and neighboring countries , has settled up a system of good communication ,cooperation and relationships not only with China Inspection and Quarantine agencies( CIQ ), its inspection report of rejected goods caused by nonconform quality is admitted by China Customs, in the meanwhile having a good work relationship with local relative authorities departments and other offices concerned within its business jurisdiction countries, but also a straightly cooperation with local inspection and certification body in order to promote trade facilitation and development of EU-China trade business.